A multiplayer real time action challenge connected to the bitcoin network. No luck involved, the better you aim, the faster you move, the more chances you have!

Thanks to the speed and efficiency provided by bitcoin switness and Green Addresses, the whole action is recorded for ever on the blockchain, as it happens. Bit of war is an online real time strategy game, connected to the bitcoin network.

Prices, profits and balance

action profits balance
Create your own profile: 50,000 bits
Buy a tank and get in the battlefield: 100 bits 49,900 bits
You blow up an enemy, but you lose 30% of your health: 1,000 bits 50,900 bits
You destroy another one: 1,000 bits 51,900 bits
You recover your heal: 51,900 bits
You wipe out one more: 1,000 bits 52,900 bits
Surrounded and attacked, you are wiped out: 1,000 bits 51,900 bits
You respawn and buy a shield 100 bits 51,800 bits
An enemy is falling into pices, you finish him: 1,000 bits 52,800 bits

*real numbers may vary softly due hard to estimate network fes, values express profit in bits.

what’s bitofwar?

Bit of war is a multiplayer strategy game in real time, a combat between the players, where the last stand wins, and takes the bitcoins! Create a unit and start the action. You can also join a team to increase your chances of winning, or invite your friends and create your own team! To start, it is necessary to have at least 1,500 bits. what is bow for you?

"It's a simple yet addictive bitcoin real time action game. The first one I've seen of it's type."

"It isn't actually about luck, you are not playing against the house here, it's certainly an strategic game, that let's the best one win".

"A good chance to recover what I've lost on bustabit!".


twitch and youtube LIVE STREAMING

Explore the maps and discover the live stream areas! and enter if you dare! Each server and map has an unique live strem area! live to twitch and youtube.

A cameraman will be seen in the area, streams directly so you can focus in the action! Please don’t try to shot at him.